1 day to go :-)

Bluebell the motorhome is all packed, plugged in and ready for the big off tomorrow evening!

It’s been a staged prep, as we’ve had a busy old week or two what with concerts, exams and general end of term ness

Last Friday Keefy had a day of tinkering inside the van, washing curtains, cushions and fixing little bots and bobs here any there.

On Monday we sorted out all out clothes so they were ready to pack in. Then we took Bluebell out to get diesel and do the food shop which we loaded straight into the cupboards (apart from the fridge stuff)


Today (Wednesday) I loaded the clothes into the wardrobes and cupboards, Keith plugged Bluebell in so her fridge gets nice and cold and I loaded the fridge stuff in.


I also got busy in the kitchen making loads of sweet treats for the road 🙂

Everything gadget wise is on charge, so I think we are ready for the off now! Just got teaching this afternoon, a school concert tonight, and a full days teaching tomorrow to get through then we will be on the road and heading for the border crossing at Carter Bar!

In other news, I found out today that one of the places that we are heading- Loch Etive near Glen Coe is where Daniel Craig and Judi Dench filmed Skyfall so that’s very exciting as we will definitely be hunting that one out! >


One week til we’re off…..

Bluebell the motorhome is getting excited. She can always tell when preparations are being made for a trip as the humans start pottering in and out, checking cupboards, filling cupboards, and this week she had an extra treat- she got stripped bare and all her cushion covers, curtains, blankets etc got taken into the house and came back out all sparkly and clean. She knows something big is about to happen……

That’s right- next Friday, the 4th April she will be hitting the highway and heading north for our annual pilgrimage to the highlands. Excitement is hitting the household and plans are being formulated.

As ever, we’re going to follow our nose mainly using BritStops and wild camping, but there are a few places we are aiming for. We’re heading for Loch Lomond for day one, to our fave spot on the Bonny Bonny banks of Loch Lomond, where we shall no doubt partake in a few whiskeys at the Inverbeg Inn.

Then onto Glen Coe, for some walking and incredible views


20140327-202703.jpg then to Arasaig to see the glorious white beaches where Local Hero was filmed. We’re aiming for a few days on Skye, then back via the East coast, especially popping in the small village of Pennan- where they filmed the town scenes of Local Hero

(Pics above taken by ourselves on previous trips)

This will be our 5th trip (4th Easter trip) to Scotland and if you are interested in touring Scotland in a motorhome (or otherwise) you may be interested in having a scroll through some of our previous entries:
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So my question to you is, where is your favourite place to visit in Scotland?


Where’s Bluebell?

Bluebell the Motorhome is parked up ……..well, we aren’t really sure where she is actually, as on Thursday she got picked up for her MOT/Service and never returned- unfortunately she needed some work ( new exhaust and brakes) so has been checked into the car surgery until Monday or Tuesday!

This put a sad end to our plans for a night away this weekend- we are both in dire need of a change of scenery, and had planned to have a night across the border in Suffolk on Saturday. After a quick regroup, we realised that just because we weren’t able to stay overnight, we still could take the car out for the day, especially with the weather forcast being optimistic. So feeling proactive having seen the first snowdrops sprouting their heads in our local woodland and Mr Weatherman confirming that we would have Saturday up to about 5pm to enjoy some winter sunshine, we hit the net to see where was in driving distance we could enjoy a drop of good old fashioned fresh air (and I could have a play on my new camera!). It was soon decided the National Trust Ickworth House would be our best bet, and being only 3 miles from Bury St Edmunds, it meant we could be there within 45 mins. Perfect.

You know you’ve not been out much when Friday night is spent making homemade soup for your flasks, and getting to bed early so we could be up bright and early to make the most of the next day! What a far cry from my life a few years ago, when Friday night would most certainly see me propping a bar up somewhere and grabbing some cheesy chips en route home in the early hours of the morning!

So, Saturday morning arrived and I awoke feeling excited about our day trip, especially with the sunshine making an appearance too! We hit the road just after ten and arrived at Ickworth Hall just before 11am. We’d visited the property a couple of years ago in the Spring, so we weren’t fussed when we were told on arrival that only the gardens and parkland were open today (we had Jazz with us anyhoo) Because we were visiting out of season, we were entitled to a “winter rate” so only paid £3:50 each.. Bargain!

Car parked, boots on and we set off on the “red trail” (7 miles) round the site via the Albana Woods, which we’d been told was where the snowdrops were beginning to bloom. I’l be honest, I was marginally disappointed with the display of snowdrops in the woods- we’d been warned by the friendly man in the ticket office that we were a bit early, they hadn’t fully bloomed yet. Never mind, I managed to take some nice snaps and we carried on to do the walk. It soon became rather wet under foot, so we decided to break away from the longer walk and head back up to where the buildings and the famous rotunda via more heavy duty paths. I’m glad we did because we enjoyed the views across the parkland and gardens- there are some amazingly old and interesting trees scattered across the site AND if we had stayed on the red route, we wouldn’t have found the Erskine’s walk- which was a 3/4 mile round walk with thousands of snowdrops in bloom. Just gorgeous and much more like what I had hoped to see and photograph!

After half hour or so snapping away, I talked Keith into a drink and cake at the self confessed “Super dog friendly” cafe- Keefy had a coffee and I had a hot chocolate, Jazz had some biscuits and water and we both (Keefy and I) enjoyed a generous slab of chocolate and chocolate chip tray bake slice. Yum yum!

We’d enjoyed a good 3.5 hours mooching around in the glorious sunshine and decided to head homewards, but wanted to drop into a nearby farm shop that also is listed as Brit Stop host (number 213) where we had intended to stay if we had been with Bluebell.

It was a lovely little shop with some lovely fresh veg for sale outside, including the most amazing sized flat mushrooms we ever ever seen! Naturally we bought a couple with the intention of baking them with some cheese, along with some veg for tomorrow and some chicken to pimp up in a curry for tea tonight! We had a nice chat with the owner and hope to revisit with van soon!

A lovely day, and just what we both needed 🙂 Happy Days

Until next time




Hello world!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Lydia, I live in beautiful South Norfolk with my fiance Keith, and we are freelance musicians/teachers. Having spent the majority of my childhood holidays under canvas here in Blighty and France, I suppose I could be classed as a well seasoned camper. We’ve been motorhoming for the last 2 years, we’ve covered about 15,000 miles in 2 vans, Daisy and Bluebelle (retrospectively)

This blog will document not only our travels in Bluebelle (a 2001 plate Autosleeper Ravenna) but also cover our fantastic voyages in Daisy (an F reg Talbot Highwayman) . We’ve traveled to the most north westerly point in the UK (the Butt of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides), as far South as the Med, as far west as the Welsh coast and as far East as Sheringham and Cromer (granted we are nearly there already..!)

Things you will learn about Keith and I if you can bear my waffling…

1) we are pretty spontaneous (you will learn more abut this in a moment)

2) we have lots of holidays (we are both self employed, and our work is mainly based around the school terms – lucky for us..)

3) I am not lost for words very often… in fact I am a bit of a rambler… sorry about that

4) We name everything… and I mean EVERYTHING!

5) I’m rather keen on taking photos and I go wild for Cath Kidston

6)We love motorhoming, and we think the British Isle is flipping gorgeous. But we have a soft spot for Europe too, and don’t mind partaking in a few glasses of French plonk. Or Italian, if we must!

If you see us on our travels, give us a wave! Or even better… mines a pint!


When I moved away from home to go to Uni, my Dad and his partner Jenny decided to buy a 20 odd year old Hymer (Hilda) to replace the 20 odd ye

ar old gap left in the house by meeeee! They had loads of great adventures in ‘Hilda’ over the following six years or so that they owned her, but it wasn’t until they were selling her that my life took an unexpected turn…

The weekend that Dad and Jenny were selling Hilda, Keith and I happened to be visiting. Keith hadn’t seen Hilda before, so naturally, my Dad was very happy to spend some time showing her off in all her glory. I know Dad and Jenny were really quite

gutted to be parting ways with good ol’ Hilda- but they were experiencing more and more electrical problems, so decided the time was right to upgrade. On the way home from our visit, Keith couldn’t stop talking about Hilda and how great she was and wouldn’t it be awesome to have one ourselves, etc.

Within the two and a half hours drive home, we had decided that a) we wanted one, and b) that we could afford one, so therefore we had sourced out all our local second hand dealers, and picked a couple we liked the look of (thanks iPhone!) As soon as we got back, we called the dealer and arranged a meeting for the next morning. The rest is history… we were so very excited to welcome ‘Daisy’ into our family, an F reg Talbot Highwayman (see right)

What I have failed to tell you is that we were due to go away for a two week camping holiday on the Friday of that week. We had booked this holiday with the intention of covering some serious miles in my little sporty convertible ‘Pug’ (Peugeot 206cc) and ‘Tilly’ the tent ( a limited edition Cath Kidston print, Eurohike 4 man SMALL tent!)
It was the Sunday beforehand that Keith met Hilda, the Monday that we test drove Daisy and paid a deposit, and begged Mike the Dealer (AKA Bill Bailey, as he was the spitting image of THE Bill Bailey) to get her ready for collection on the Friday morning. Tuesday we spent the day ringing round all the sites we had booked onto changing them to Motorhome pitches, Wednesday we had a day in Norwich buying bits and pieces for ‘Daisy’, Thursday we were like excited children all day and Friday we picked her up, taxed her, filled her with everything other than the kitchen sink, and hit the road, aiming for first stop- Eskdale, the Lake District. As my Dad lives 5 minutes off the A1, we decided it would be rude to not drop in to show off ‘Daisy’- so we stayed on his drive (AKA Chris’ Aire) for our first night of proper motorhoming. I will do a separate blog post about our very first adventure soon.