France- May half term 2013 (2) Nr Granville – Le Mont St Michel – Cancale

Bluebell the motorhome is parked on our own private glade in a beautifully landscaped aire overlooking the bay of Michel, and Cancale, amongst about 20 other continental motorhomes. As far as we can see, we are the only Brits.

We had a fantastic evening on the France Passion site last night, and slept like logs. We didn’t wake up until after 9:30, and the sun was beating down on us already rather hot.

We made our way to Cancale, stopping at Le Mont St Michel for a couple of hours en route. We had both seen pictures of Le M ST M, however they don’t do it justice. It is truly spectacular. We were lucky to be visiting on a glorious day, the blue sky backdrop made the rock stand out even more.

We paid the €12:50 to park (ouch) almost a little bit begrudgingly, and not knowing whether we would have to pay entrance fees once we had walked the 40 mins up the causeway. We were also slightly concerned whether we could even take Jazz in, as we saw signs for kennels on our route. However, we carried on anyway, hoping for the best. Once we got to the entrance we happily discovered a) we didn’t need to pay anymore, and b) Jazz could come on with us!

The island itself is a maze of tiny streets, with bars, restaurants, shops, hotels and absolutely oozes character. It reminded us Carcassonne, and we enjoyed wandering the streets for an hour or two. It was lovely and warm, and we felt like we were a million miles away from England – despite only being 20 odd miles across the channel!

After lunch, we hit the scenic route towards Cancale. It took about 40 mins, and we passed through some lovely pretty French villages.

We easily found the aire in Cancale, and were impressed to see it was only €6 for the night, with services. We settled in, had a nap and then walked the short distance down to the town. The town itself isn’t as pretty as we had anticipated, however it is famous amongst foodies for its oysters. We had a beer in a bar overlooking the sea, and I debated whether or not to try an oyster whilst here. They are selling them everywhere, in restaurants, bars and also on market stalls fresh off the boats.
I’ve tried an oyster before in Sheringham about 13 years ago and it didn’t go well, but I decided that I would give it a go whilst here- Keefy on the other hand was not keen at all so passed!

I asked in my best French at the market stall how much one would cost to try there and then. The kind man took pity on my dodgy French and said I could have one as a gift. He prepared it and off I went. I tried to be brave, and I almost got it in my mouth 4 times, however in the end it was just too much and I ended up vomming it out! That’s me and oysters done, if I can’t do it here, in oyster country then there’s just no hope for me!

We’ve had a great evening chilling in the evening sun outside Bluebell, Jazz is completely zonked out and behaving incredibly calmly for him!

Tomorrow we are heading for Dinan, and we’ve heard the weather forcast is good again. 🙂

Until next time