Celebrating Jazz’s 1st birthday and St David’s day in Castle Acre

We’ve nipped away for a cheeky night away- we are 40 mins from home just outside of Swaffham, staying on Breckland Meadows Caravan park

Today we celebrated our first proper 3 day weekend with a lay in, and about half ten chucked some bits in Bluebell and hit the road. We first visited Castle Acre back in 2010 in Daisy, but it was a stop off on our way home. We loved the village and wanted to revisit for a while. The castle ruins are amazing and there are also some priory ruins that are worth a visit. We did a 6.75 mile walk which took in part of the Nay Valley way, and we crossed several fords (pooch went through the last in an unsuccessful attempt to get clean). It’s lovely open countryside round here, apparently this part of Breckland is protected. There are several wind turbines dotted about which avoid being an eyesore- the one in Swaffham is massive, and has a viewing tower at the top. Think we shall give that a miss, just reading about it made me feel dizzy!

We got to the site around 3.30pm and were greeted by an overly friendly guy who filled our water tank for us- in all this time this has never happened before! He asked if we wanted papers for the morning (which i thought was a nice touch, despite us not using the service). He proudly gave us a tv aerial having clocked our aerial, a no frills standard aerial) and told us we would need to plug it in to receive tv as our aerial would only pick up analogue. Not sure where he has been hiding for the last two years, but as far as I’m aware analogue in this area has been off for a while now, and we’ve never had problems before, and unsurprising tonight we’ve managed to pick up 180 digital channels tonight without the cable! However outdated, another nice touch I felt.

There’s also free wifi here and a dismantled railway line footpath into Swaffham that we intend to use tomorrow. I’m hoping we may bump into Stephen Fry- according to the Swaffham walks booklet, this is his patch!

🙂 until next time