France- May half term 2013 (4) Perros Guirec (The pink granite coast) – Quimper – Concarneau

Bluebell the motorhome is parked in a 20 van aire at the back of a sports centre in Concarneau, overlooking a small wood and the Atlantic sea. Tonight’s aire is free which is even better!

We left our souvenir store car park at 9 ish this morning and made the 2 hour journey towards Quimper and Concarneau. Within half a mile of leaving the France Passion site we had found a motorhome service point where we could empty our grey water (dish water and shower water) and also our black water (the other not so pleasant waste…!) for free! If we had wanted we could have also topped up our water and electricity (for 55 minutes) for €3. The service point was unmanned, payment would have been made via bank card, and it was spotlessly clean. Britain- wake up!!!!!

We decided not to fill with water and to wait until we were closer to our destination so we didn’t need to drive with a full water tank. 2 hours later we pulled into Quimper looking for a car park. France cities and towns usually present no problems when trying to park a motorhome there. Aire de camping cars (motorhome parking) is usually sign posted as soon as you approach the town. Not in Quimper- we drove round at least twice, getting caught up in one way systems, narrow roads, traffic jams- you name it. After over an hour and still no luck we decided to call it a day. The bits that we had seen on our detour around hadn’t gripped us, there was lots of graffiti, and we were both getting grouchy. So we switched on sat nag, programmed in the aire at Concarneau (15 miles away) and did a U turn to get the hell outta that place.

We soon arrived in Concarneau, at the aire at the train station. There was another service point and it was 5 mins walk to the walled town. We had a quick cuppa, and had a wander into the town. The walled town of Concarneau is really pretty. The Main Street is wider than other walled towns we’ve been to, but it still oozed character, and there were some lovely little bars and restaurants dotted along the Main Street. We nipped into the tourist info and realised there was another aire that was a) FREE and b) right next to the coast, so decided to move Bluebell to check it out- if it weren’t very nice we were going to head to a France Passion site out of town.

When we pulled into this second aire, there were already a few vans there, and we decided after a little wander that we would stay here the night. We filled with water and took Jazz back into town, along the coastal path 10 mins and then you board a boat (called the bac du passage… Haha) which crossed a short stretch of water and dropped you off at the back of the walled town. We found the fish market (hurray!) and picked out some fresh off the boat fish (we still aren’t entirely sure which fish) and some languistines. Once I got over the shock of them still having their eyes and feelers on, I decided I was going to man up and help Keefy prepare them for tea!

We enjoyed a beer on the Main Street of the walled town and got our boat back to the aire. We’ve just cooked the fresh fish with risotto and fresh veg- yum yum yum!! 😀

Tomorrow we are heading for Carnac and Vannes. The weather is unsettled to say the least, one min it is raining the next glorious sun. We are both looking rosy cheeked though! Must be all this cider and wine

Until next time