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Sept 2020 – introducing Gandalf the Grey

Kitting out Gandalf

Meet Gandalf

Feb 2017 –Meet Ruby the VW T5 🙂


Ruby is a 2005 plate VWT5 long wheel base. We’ve taken the plunge and got rid of our car too – so not only is she our escape vehicle, she’s going to be taking us from school to school and gig to gig! She’s low enough to fit under height barriers and is LEZ compliant. She’s got more storage than we could have ever hoped in our “downsizing” mission and has a two ring hob, fridge, sink with cold water, 4 seater dining area, porta potty and easy to unfold bed.

You can read more about Ruby and see pics on our Introducing Ruby post here.

Feb 2012- Jan 2017: Bluebell the Motorhome; 2001 Autosleeper Ravenna

Bluebell the Motorhome is an Autosleeper Ravenna on a Peugeut Boxer base. She is a 2001 plate and had some 20,000 miles when we bought her in 2012. We reluctantly sold her at the start of 2017 having travelled over 25,000 miles in her, in an effort to keep her some of her value. She was a 1.9L Diesel 4 berth – although we never had 4 in to sleep, we’ve cooked for 4 human beans and 2 dogs comfortably, so had bags of room on our normal hols where it’s me, Keefy and the dog, Jazz. She cost us roughly £70 to fill her up with fuel and that tended to get us around 350-400 miles when fully laden.

The thing that we fell in love with when we bought Bluebell was the fantastic L shaped lounge at the back of the vehicle, meaning we can relax at the opposite end to where we’ve been driving, enjoy panoramic views and stretch our legs out (something which is amazing for 6ft4″ tall Keith!

Between Feb 2012 and Jan 2017 we pointed Bluebell’s bottom in the direction of some of the most beautiful vistas- as far north as Isle of Lewis and as far south as Pisa in Italy, and we’ve enjoyed every single one!

Once the sun is down, and it’s time for bed, we turned the comfy sofas into a large and comfy double bed within 1 minute rather than use the already set up double that occupies the space over the cab. The reason for this is mainly Keith’s height and comfort, however the benifits are threefold, in that by sleeping “downstairs” we didn’t have to clamber down the stepladder if we get caught short in the night, and also we can check on how impressive the sunrise / weather is without actually having to move out of bed!

On board Bluebell we had what we referred to as our ensuite- a seperate cubicle consisting of a shower, basin and a loo, along with enough storage for towels, toiletries, suncream and my 12v hair straighteners- who says camping can’t be glam?!

We were also able to cook up some mighty feasts on our 4 ring hob, grill and full sized gas oven, and have a good sized fridge/freezer to store groceries and treats from the numerous farm shops that we seem to be attracted to en route!

Additional extras that we had on board were a wine rack (obviously), a 12v TV/DVD player that allowed us to watch tele even when not on electric hookup, an ipad stocked with music, a gas and charcoal bbq, a good quality camera and tripod system and finally a solar panel that allows us to run all these gadgets for days on end without having to visit a campsite for electric hookup.

Aug 2010 – Feb 2012: Daisy the Motorhome; an F reg Talbot Highwayman

Our first ever motorhome and a completely spontaneous buy too! Daisy the motorhome was an impulse buy at its best, little did we know that our £5000 investment would change our lives for ever!

Lunch overlooking Wasdale

Daisy was an F reg Talbot Highwayman with 62,000 miles on the clock. She was a thirsty bird being petrol, but boy, did we have fun in her! She had a spacious over the cab bed, ensuite shower room, end kitchen and spacious living room directly behind the drivers seat.

We picked her up and the very next day drove her up to the Lakes and Scotland. Over the next 18 months we added 12,000 miles to her, driving all the way down to the south of France, back up to Scotland once more, Wales. She encountered a spanking in Rouen (whoops) and sadly was never the same again so we Part Exchanged her for Bluebell after a bit of a damp winter!