About Us

Hi Everyone! 

My name is Lydia, I live in beautiful South Norfolk with my hubby Keith, and our pampered pooch, Jazz and we are freelance musicians/teachers.

Having spent the majority of my childhood holidays under canvas here in Blighty and France, I suppose I could be classed as a well seasoned camper. We’ve been motorhoming for the last 6 years, we’ve covered about 40,000 miles in 2 vans, Daisy and Bluebell (retrospectively). In 2015 we embarked on the trip of a lifetime to the USA travelling over 4 weeks from New York to San Fransisco on Amtrak trains.

This blog will document not only our travels in Bluebell (a 2001 plate Autosleeper Ravenna) but also cover our fantastic voyages in Daisy (an F reg Talbot Highwayman) We also have included our non motorhome trips including our American Adventures. In the van, we’ve travelled to the most north westerly point in the UK (the Butt of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides), as far South as the Med and Pisa, as far west as the Welsh coast and as far East as Sheringham and Cromer (granted we are nearly there already..!)

Things you will learn about Keith and I if you can bear my waffling…

1) we are pretty spontaneous (you will learn more abut this in a moment)

2) we have lots of holidays (we are both self employed, and our work is mainly based around the school terms – lucky for us..)

3) I am not lost for words very often… in fact I am a bit of a rambler… sorry about that

4) We name everything… and I mean EVERYTHING!

5) I’m rather keen on taking photos and I go wild for Cath Kidston

6) We love motorhoming, and we think the British Isle is flipping gorgeous. But we have a soft spot for Europe too, and don’t mind partaking in a few glasses of French plonk. Or Italian, if we must!

 If you see us on our travels, give us a wave! Or even better… mines a pint!



3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Lydia and Keith..I’m so happy to have found your wonderful blog and look forward to many hours enjoying your travels vicariously !
    We are just about to purchase (providing mechanic check is ok) Bluebells sister lo
    2.8 on a peugeot base 2001.
    She’s done a fair few miles already 68k so I’m hoping all will be good for us


  2. Hi Lydia and Keith, I have just stumbled on your blog while researching for our motorhome trip to the UK in June. We will be visiting from Australia and our motorhome comes with Britstop membership so being a bit of a planner I bought the 2016 book last year and have been studying it within an inch of its life! We plan to travel right across Britain and will do a combination of Britstop and campgrounds along the way. Seems you have a similar approach to us so I would love any recommendations on either Britstops or campsites that we would be mad to miss while over there. Given I am referring to the 2016 book (you have already got the 2017 in your hot little hands) the Stop number from 2016 would be great if you have kept your book. Please keep on bloggin’ the photography is stunning and I can’t wait to get there! All the best to you, Rae


    1. Hi Rae thanks for your kind message! I have got a 2016 book still so I can pick out some of our favourite spots and send you the numbers ready for the 2017 book. What areas are you looking at touring? Give me an idea of your route (ish) and I can see if I can help. Cheers! Lydia


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