An Ode to British Pie Week.. Campervan Style

I’m not going to lie, Keefy and I just love a good pie. And despite our geographical differences – he’s a southerner and I’m a northerner- we DO agree on what makes a “proper pie”. For a pie to be a pie, in our opinion, it HAS to have a pastry top AND bottom. None of this slapping a bit of pastry on top of a filling in our house- the filling has GOT to be fully encased by the pastry. Our passion for pies is so animated that it’s hardly a surprise that one of our favourite Campervan meals, especially on arrival day, is a Homemade Pie. But how do we manage that, in our tiny VW Campervan with just two gas hob rings?! Keep reading to find out!

One of the greatest gadgets we have to support our VW kitchen from home is the Lakeland Remoska Grande.

We were gifted this by Lakeland 3 years ago to try out in the Campervan, and I can hand on heart say it is STILL one of the greatest things we carry with us. We use it on Every single trip (providing we have electric). It’s especially handy on arrival day, as it’s very low maintenance- we can pop in whatever food we’ve prepared – switch it on and relax (or finish setting up if it’s late) after our journey to the site. It’s also very low maintenance on washing up (if you use a disposable foil containers and tin foil underneath food to save mess!)

So what about the pies then?

Well we have this amazing gadget – a pie maker – which we use in advance before leaving home to batch make pies. We then freeze them, and grab a pair out before we leave, let them thaw whilst we drive, and then wack them into the Remoska about 45 mins before we want to eat (we keep foil over the top to stop them burning as the elements are on the top of the Remoska, on the lid).

It is brilliant.

The pies are dinky enough to fit in the Vw freezer, so we can keep them frozen whilst away if we don’t want to eat it on day one. For this reason they make an excellent back up meal. With frozen chips, or boiled potatoes. We’ve even been known to use packet smash or tinned potatoes from our emergency stash cupboard.

So there we go. We may be camping, in a tiny Vw Campervan, but there ain’t no stopping an O’Gorman getting their pie!

Our current batch is chicken Brie and mushroom, which are rather tasty. What’s your favourite pie filling? Leave a comment below with your favourite – we’re also on the look out for inspiring pie recipes!

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4 thoughts on “An Ode to British Pie Week.. Campervan Style

  1. At Christmas , I do like a leftovers pie. Turkey, ham, stuffing, sprouts, cranberry sauce.

    If it’s not Christmas …. hmmm … Steak and Stilton!

  2. Loving your pie maker. Just wish I could eat pastry. There’s a lady who makes proper pies near us in Crete … friends cook them for James.
    And miss the remoska that’s in the van. Bought a Tria for the house, but to be honest it’s too big for the 2 of us.

  3. What a great idea to use the Remoska for pies. We are vegetarians but still love our pies. We usually cheat, though and buy them from the marvellous Veg Pie Collective of Brighton online. We freeze them, too, so now we’ll pop a couple in our Bilbo Nexa freezer next time we’re away.

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