Road tripping in the Cotswolds

Monday morning soon dawned after a groggy night in Gandalf. A little too much overindulgence perhaps for my birthday celebrations resulted in a broken sleep as we both tossed and turned with indigestion in the early hours. Still, we’d had a brilliant day in Chipping Norton and were excited about our adventures to come today.

We left the delightful Nuhulme Certified campsite around 10:30, and as we had no firm plans hit “trendy places” on the Garmin Campervan Sat Nav device.

Our first stop; a point of interest just a couple of miles down the road was the Rollright Stones, which absolutely blew us away. They are a collection of amazing (and large) prehistoric megalithic monuments built from large natural boulders found within about 500m of the site. They consist of a large Stone circle, which legend goes, is impossible to count how many stones make up the circle, and if you do manage it three times you have to make a wish; a kings stone and three whispering knights.

They are sited with a beautiful backdrop of Cotswold countryside and we found the whole site extremely atmospheric. Roadside parking made this site easy to visit with Gandalf, and there is a suggested donation of £1 pp.

From here we continued a short distance to Batsford Arboretum. Wow. What a splendid way to get our steps in for the day. The autumn colours were at their peak, and we thoroughly enjoyed our walk around the Arboretum drinking the colours in. We were exceptionally lucky with the weather. The blue sky provided these autumnal trees with the most perfect backdrop and we both agreed that this was the best display of Autumn colours we’ve seen in the UK.

After a quick lunch in Gandalf, we continued to the tiny village of Lower Slaughter. Parking here was a bit more problematic- the village is tiny and very traditional, and understandably doesn’t cater so well for tourists. After a couple of loops backwards and forwards though we got lucky and timed our pass through with someone leaving.

The village of Lower Slaughter is just beautiful and brims with Cotswold beauty. There is a small stream that runs along the main road and with lovely little cottages sat in front of it, and a beautiful under slung working mill, it’s just perfection. We would have loved to have had a drink here but sadly both the mill tea room and pub were closed.

From here we made our way to Bibury, another very small traditional village with some picturesque National Trust managed cottages, Arlington Row .

Arlington Row was originally built in the 14th century as a monastic wool store. It was later converted in the 17th century into a row of weavers’ cottages. Parking here was available, although it was very busy with tourists and Instagrammers striking poses!

Sadly the weather took a brief turn here so we didn’t spend a great amount of time exploring Bibury, but, we managed a hot sausage roll from the local stores!

After a brilliant day of exploring, it was time to find our way to the campsite via a quick food shop.

One of the best features of the Garmin Campervan device is the ability to shape our route to include places such as supermarkets and farm shops etc. At just a very quick press of the button we discovered a Tesco Extra pretty much on our route (but not visible enough for us to have found it without us knowing it was there). It saves us a lot of time, where we used to have to find addresses for supermarkets and then find where they are on the route. It also came into its own today as several times we were without phone signal meaning Apple and Google maps were impossible.

We are thoroughly enjoying using it for our road trips 6 months on!

We arrived at Cirencester Park C&MC club site late afternoon, first impressions are good. More on our adventures in Cirencester next time!

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  1. Thank you, for inspiring our trip planned today! Using our Westonbirt membership at Batsford, town trail in Chipping Norton and Fish and Chips in M in the Marsh and maybe another village if we have time. Making the most of our staycation half-term.

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