Kitting out our VWT5 SWB Bilbo’s Campervan

We started motorhoming in 2010 in a large traditional shaped white motorhome.

Over the following 7 years we acquired more and more “stuff”, then suddenly we had to downsize to Ruby, with was an experiment in itself. Would we cope with the smaller leisure vehicle? We were amazed that most of our stuff from our motorhoming days still fit in – Ruby was a LWB T5 and significantly smaller that Bluebell and Daisy. But over the 3.5 years we had her, we felt we were becoming more and more cluttered. We did carry A LOT! So when we downsized once more, this time to a SWB T5 we decided a ruthless sort out was in order. As we reloaded Gandalf we couldn’t believe how much we fit in once more, but with space to spare! Below we’ve listed exactly what we carry to enhance our camping experience, along with where it gets stored!


12v Shower with bucket – stored in Boot

Folding Paddling pool to stand in to collect waste – stored in Boot

335 Porta loo – which fits underneath the seat when travelling. It sits under a piece of carpet which makes sliding it out very easy and smooth. As soon as we are parked up (if we put up the tailgate awning) this is transferred into the tailgate awning. The cupboard is then used for our clothes bags and shoes.

Micro fibre towels


Cadac Safari chef – stored in Boot

Slow cooker – stored in Boot

Remoska – stored in Boot

Moules pan – stored in Boot

Ridge monkey – stored in Boot

Multi pan for breakfasts – stored in Boot

Hairy bikers cast iron frying pan – stored in Boot

Square griddle pan with folding handle – stored in Boot

Small egg frying pan – stored in Kitchen cupboard

Camembert baker – stored in kitchen cupboard

2 saucepans (from Home bargains) – 1 large, 1 small – stored in Boot

Corelli Unbreakable Plate set– stored in kitchen cupboard

Melamine mugs – stored in kitchen cupboard

2x pint glasses -stored in kitchen cupboard

2 x on the rocks glasses – stored in kitchen cupboard

2x wine glasses – stored in kitchen cupboard

Cafetière – stored in overhead locker

Silicone colander – stored in kitchen cupboard

Grater – stored in kitchen cupboard

Steak knives – stored in kitchen cupboard

Small Spice jars – stored in kitchen cupboard

Collapsible washing up bowl– stored in boot

2 soup flasks– stored on overhead locker

Whistling kettle – stored under seat

Travel Kettle for EHU – Stored under seat

3.5 litre electric kettle to aid our shower bucket! – stored under seat


For the winter; fleecy duvet set and 13 tog duvet

Fleece blanket

2x hot water bottle

For the summer; lighter duvet with cotton cover set.

Storing them…. Day to day, the duvet and pillows are stored behind the seat. When we travel we add our clothes bag on top, along with the food box.

Garage / in the boot

Short hose pipe with attachments

20l plastic Jerry can with screw on hose nossel – stored in boot

Levelling chocks stored in boot

External screen – stored in Boot until on site

Tailgate awning – stored on bedding until on site

Eurohike Windbreak – stored on bedding until on site

Canopy for awning rail (attached permanently in the roof gutter) stored on bedding until on site

Folding Camping Chairs stored on bedding until on site

Table stored on bedding until on site

Dog spike stored in boot

Inflatable Loungers stored in Boot


Folding storage cube for extra seat and foot stool. – Folded up behind the drivers seat next to the table.

Plastic boxes x 2 – one lives under the seat with cleaning items in; washing up liquid, micro fibre clothes, floor wipes, kitchen roll etc. One has gin, wine, food that is brought out from the house as we leave. It travels on the back above the bedding, and when we park up it sits on the pop top shelf along with the cleaning box.


Roberts radio

iPad Pro – loaded with Netflix, bbc iPlayer, prime video, and Monopoly


iPhone 11 Pro Max for photos/videos

Polaroid and Sproket Instant Printer

Inflatable paddle board – this only comes on occasions that we know we will use it and when parked up on site is stored either in the tailgate awning or in the front footwell.

Walking boots – put on the floor and moved into the front footwell when parked

Cagoules and Fleeces/Hats and Gloves – stored in Wardrobe

Walking books: 1001 Walks AA Pub Walks in a Box

Insect and plant book

Foraging book

Campervan cooking book 200 Slow Cooker Cookbook – above books all stored in overhead locker


Garmin CamperVan Sat Nav

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Atera Strada Tow Bar mounted bike rack and 2 Electric Bikes – these come on most trips but not all

110W Flexible Solar Panel – sized to the pop up roof permanently.

110w Leisure battery

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    1. There is ALWAYS room for another souvenir.. especially a fridge magnet 😉
      We have lacked Gandalf to perfection even if I had to go without my tea pot and cup and saucers!

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