Adventures on Loch Tummel

Ruby the VW is sat proudly upon the banks of Loch Tummel. We are staying at a beautiful campsite just a mile away from The Queen’s View –Ardgualich Farm

We bagged a corker of a pitch and the owners let us park sidewards so we really have a spectacular view! There’s only two other vans parked with us currently on a smallish field so we really do feel like we’re the cats that have got the cream right now!

Our journey from Edinburgh was smooth, the A9 winding its way across the Forth of Forth and up through Perth, which provided a handy stop for a stock up of food and drink courtesy of a brilliant farm shop called Gloagburn Farm shop

Let’s just say the card took a bashing but we emerged laden with local meat, cheeses, ale, lager and gin of course. We even got some local veggies and Scottish Strawberries.

We then made our way up through Pitlochry before turned off the A9 towards Loch Tummel.

We made a quick leg stretch stop at The Queens View, we’ve visited here before but the weather was too stunning not to revisit, and were really glad we did.

It’s called the Queens View because it’s said that Robert the Bruce’s wife, Isabella hid in the woods here during the wars of Independence at the end of the 13th century. Later on it was a favourite spot for Queen Victoria and we can see why.

We actually spotted our campsite from the viewpoint which was exciting as we could see we were in for a waterside pitch!

After setting up we enjoyed a lovely bbq including Venison Steaks and salmon, overlooking the shores. We couldn’t believe the view, it was just worth a million dollars; £20 pn seemed too good to be true!

Monday dawned earlier than expected; we had a guest enter.. of the winged variety; a robin flapping around the awning soon got our attention at 6am! Luckily, with some help from Keefy, it escaped and we fell back to sleep for another 3 hours!

After a bit of a chill admiring the view from bed, I cracked on with a Scottish breakfast, complete with flat sausage and black pudding.

We then unpacked the paddle board and I dug out my wetsuit from the bottom of Ruby’s wardrobe- we enjoyed a couple of hours on the Loch – both going on the paddle board and I went for a snorkel too. That Aldi inflatable paddle board really is excellent for our needs. We had lots of fun and even Jazz had a go!

Lunch was a very exciting affair… homemade Haggis and Mushroom pizza, made in our trusty Remoska. All prepared with a view to rival any restaurant we’ve eaten in previously!

The pizza was great!

We then spent a happy couple of hours snoozing and reading and checking on the view.

I’d prepared a beef and ale stew in the slow cooker for our evening meal. Everything was perfect….. until…… our slice of heaven got invaded!! Our 3 vans in a 4 van field (we’d been told this previously by the owner) ended up with 10 crammed in, and with it came a whole host of noise sadly. We footballs flying everywhere, kids charging through our pitch- one even decided our van space was going to be her naughty step!!! We had kids making cycle ramps out of levelling blocks just behind us and my stress levels were starting to rise; I had to employ some deep breathing to calm myself down. At 9:30pm we saw the owner as we took our rubbish up to the bins and she said to text her if it got too rowdy. Fingers crossed we’re in for a quiet night now as the rain has started so that’s thwarted outdoor play. Don’t get me wrong, we like kids; we work with them- and it’s lovely to see them enjoying themselves. But- high pitched squealing after 9pm… personally that’s too late in my opinion: perhaps I’m just a miserable old lady!

Anyway it’s not ruined our stay; we had the best view and it was comforting to know the owner will step in should it inconvenience us later on. But it’s currently 11pm and all is quiet so maybe I was panicking for no reason!

Tomorrow we head north some more!

Until next time


5 thoughts on “Adventures on Loch Tummel

    1. Oh really?! A beautiful area too!
      It comes with a pump, it takes less than 5 minutes to inflate. Really chuffed with it!

  1. The pizza in the Remoska looks amazing, can I ask what you’ve used for the base?
    Your trip to the Cairngorms looks fabulous, we’ve just spent a week on the lovely west coast of Scotland in similar weather, you can’t beat it!

    1. I just got a pre made pizza dough from Tesco and just added tomato purée and garlic and onions, then the toppings

      How were the midges in the west?

      1. Pre-made pizza dough, genius! I’ll have to look out for it. The midges were pretty bad, it wasn’t windy enough!

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