Adventures in Dent, Cumbria

Ruby is parked up in the very beautiful Dentdale valley. We made the journey of an hour or so north from Keighley, through Skipton to pick up a new phone following my little accident at the Bronte waterfalls.

We took a stunning drive over the fells and arrived in Dent around 4:30pm following plenty of picture stops.

We’d skipped lunch as everything had taken us longer today, so whilst K set up the awning and canopy I got started on a chicken curry for and early dinner.

Our campsite is a small C&CC certified location in Dent, Cumbria called Mill Beck. It’s surrounded by hills and is absolutely stunning. The field is large and we have hook up and emptying facilities along with a water tap. At just £14pn we are very happy campers indeed. We’re also stunned to say that it’s not full, and that there are 2 free pitches! All the more room for us!

Following dinner we took a wander into the small picturesque village of Dent. It’s got a traditional cobbled section and lots of pretty houses. There are three pubs here but sadly they’ve chosen not to reopen just yet following covid. Whilst we are disappointed as we’d like to pump some money into their businesses, and try the local ale – there is also the Dent brewery here- we do understand that this is a small farming community and they are no doubt worried about tourists bringing the dreaded virus up here.

Aside from our campsite there are two others; one which is really quite busy (High Laning)

We spent a happy half hour wandering the deserted streets taking photo after photo. It was nice to have the streets to ourselves but we felt sad at how quite it was too with the social meeting places all boarded up.

We enjoyed a lovely evening sat outside and enjoying the last of the sun as it dipped behind the peaks and listening to the sheep and owls.

Thursday arrived and with it came rain. We therefore declared a duvet morning which actually we really enjoyed; we’ve been none stop since we broke up for summer (and the run up!). At midday the rain cleared away and out came the sun. This was more like it. Whilst we considered going off for a good leg stretch; there are plenty of routes here to keep you occupied for a week let alone a day or two; we just couldn’t be bothered! There, I said it! We loved our pitch so much and by now one of the caravans had gone and the other was out on a day trip, so we had the site to ourselves. We wandered to the village shop where we found some local meats for a bbq, got our chairs out, and read and napped for the remainder of the afternoon, completely loving the peace and quiet.

Keith cooked up a local Cumberland sausage (when in Rome..) a local steak and a local burger, we sat and chatted and then had a game of monopoly. It was a very relaxing day and just

what we needed before we move on to a time schedule again tomorrow!

We will definitely return when things get back to normal and try the dent brewery ales. We may even try a walk or two too! There is also a heritage centre and whilst it was open, being quite small we felt a bit uncomfortable going in. Dent is also home to the highest station (train) in England. I didn’t realise it’s not actually IN Dent so therefore we missed it this time.

Dentdale Walks

It’s a lovely place to relax and we’ve absolutely loved this campsite. It’s a definite gem!

Tomorrow we’re on the move again for part 3 of our western tour. Any guesses where we may end up?

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  1. Love those cobblestoned streets. They’re seamless against the brick walls – I can imagine having trouble there after a few!

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