Adventures in Bronte Country; Haworth , Yorkshire

Ruby the VW is parked on her lonesome, at a Topfield, a Camping and Caravanning club Certified (5 van) site on the outskirts of Haworth.

The owners suggested we park sideways to accommodate our rear awning

We had a smooth journey from Norfolk north although it rained most of the time this didn’t bother us as we were driving. As we neared Haworth our farm shop radar kicked in and without even looking for it we happened upon a large and well established farm shop, Robertshaws. We made a stop and gave the budget a hammering filling Ruby with lots of local produce, ales and gin.

When we arrived we had a quick set up and set our stall outside and had a cheeseboard and ploughman’s for a late lunch. After a chill at the campsite the weather improved so we went for a wander to the town of Haworth. It took about 30 mins but was mainly down hill so we decided to investigate taxis for our return! We enjoyed a lovely drink in one of Haworth’s oldest building, Haworth Old Hall, before moving up the picturesque high street to The Kings Head. We had a final drink in the Fleece Inn (recommended to us by a VW Camper Chick) and eyeing up the menu made a decision to eat here tomorrow.

We got our cab back (£5) and heated up a Spag Bol I’d brought from our freezer at home before crashing out for the night.

Tuesday dawned with mixed weather but it wasn’t going to stop us. Today we were walking the Bronte way taking in some famous Bronte Sights along the way! After a full English we loaded some snacks into a backpack and off we went, back down the hill into Haworth, and back up the gorgeous high street to the old school rooms where the Bronte sisters went to school, taught at and even had their wedding reception at. We passed their graves and went pat their family home- sadly due to covid the museum was closed.

We picked up the Bronte Way and walked about 2 miles across Penistone Hill to the Bronte Falls. The weather was mixed- one minute pouring with rain and the next glorious sunshine. The views were beautiful!

At the Bronte Falls I was trying to get a great shot when disaster happened! I lost my footing and ended up IN the Bronte Falls! 🤦‍♀️😂 luckily I didn’t injure myself but my phone got the brunt of it and sadly died on me two hours later – I smashed the LCD screen.

We enjoyed seeing Bronte Falls and the Bronte bridge despite that not being the original one as that washed away some years ago.

The walk continued up to Top Withers; said to possibly be the inspiration for Wuthering Heights. Regardless of whether it was or wasn’t, it was a spectacular walk and the ruin of the farm house a good insight into remote farm houses.

Following a shower!

At this point we joined the Pennine Way back to Stanbury, where we popped into both the local pubs (the Friendly was the better of the two IMO) and mourned my phone breaking! We continued back to Haworth in time for a quick drink at the Steam Work Brewing for a local gin and a local lager. I could have stayed there all night working my way through their comprehensive gin menu- all made in Haworth! But sadly their licensing meant they had to close at 6pm. We had one across the road in the Black Bull before going and grabbing the last table at the Fleece for dinner. The meal was terrific and we’d certainly worked up an appetite.

By half 8pm we were back at Ruby where we complete crashed out! We’d thoroughly enjoyed our time here despite me trashing my phone! It is so incredibly beautiful and the small town oodles character.

Wednesday dawned sunny which was good as it was time to pack up and love on to our next location. Via an o2 shop to sort myself out with a new phone!

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5 thoughts on “Adventures in Bronte Country; Haworth , Yorkshire

  1. Shame the museum was closed. Found it really informative when we visited last summer … as always, it was an enthusiastic and knowledgable member of staff.
    Wondered how you’d got shots of an empty street … it became clear!

    1. We’re definitely going to come back- the Haworth gin was one of the best I’ve had! To be honest they were all my pics on the blog apart from the two of the parsonage and school house- and the ones I took and lost of those had empty streets. It was very quiet!

  2. Haworth is a favourite spot, the walk looked good despite the weather, rain always makes you appreciate the warm pub and hearty meal all the better.

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