Plan B

We made it to half term- yay!- and Ruby the Campervan SHOULD currently be ooop North. We were due to be heading to West Yorkshire yesterday, but the impending Storm Dennis has resulted in us delaying our departure. Since the reason we were heading there was to do plenty of walking in Bronte country, and high winds and torrential rain was forecasted we opted to stay in the warm and comfort of our house until the storm passes.

Instead, we spent yesterday at the Beach. It was actually a lovely sunny but rather blustery day in Aldeburgh, Suffolk and we enjoyed fish and chips and some Adnams Old Ale and a brisk sea front walk to blow our cobwebs away.

Beach Selfie at Aldeburgh Beach on Valentines Day.
Fish and chips on the beach

It’s great what a bit of sea air does. I started the day feeling a bit grumpy that we’d had to change our plans. I look forward to hitting the road once our work commitments are done, and I don’t think we’ve ever had to cancel because of weather. But, as our day progressed, I could feel myself relaxing and the starting of a new plan was formulating. Helped I’m sure by the Old Ale.

The best winter ale in the world – Adnams Old Ale

The weather is looking consistently awful in Yorkshire for the week ahead. As we have lots of walks planned in Yorkshire, and neither of us are THAT dedicated that we will start a walk in the wet- unless it looks like it will improve, we were starting to wonder if we should see if the weather looked any better elsewhere next week. Sure enough, it looks better down south, and a chance comment about how we had been meaning to visit Windsor Castle led onto an official plan B being formulated.

Cheers to plan B

We will batten down the hatches and have a weekend at home whilst we get battered by Storm Dennis, then as soon as we can on Monday, point Ruby in the direction of Berkshire. We’ve booked onto Chertsey C&CC club site and will visit Hampton Court Palace first, then Windsor Castle the next day and then have a visit to Bletchley Park on route home. All three have been on our list of places to visit for a couple of years. We feel really pleased with our new plan B and are keeping everything crossed that we can get away easily on Monday.

Hope you are all keeping safe and warm. Are any of you out and about this weekend?

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