Celebrating Fathers Day at Kelling Heath

It may only have been two weeks since our last adventure, but it’s been a fortnight of work, work and more work stress! Exam season is upon us and between Keith and I we’ve had nearly 60 students taking grade exams in this fortnight alone.

Luckily, we’d got a weekend of escapism to look forward to, celebrating Father’s Day with dad and Jenny – double van date so to speak. Our original location was supposed to be Ferry Meadows in Peterborough, however the recent bad weather resulted in a phone call from them on Thursday advising that they’d had to shut as they’d flooded. That left us precisely 24 hours to find somewhere else that accommodate not one but two vans.

Luckily Dad managed to get us on at Kelling Heath, Norfolk. This pleased me as despite recent bad weather, the coming weekend looked to be forecasted to be nice – and there is no place I’d rather be than or the seaside.

Kelling Heath has been on our list of sites to visit for a while. It didn’t disappoint- the showers were phenomenal, and the site layout user friendly and beautifully landscaped. The bar area and restaurant looked appealing, there was n outside pool should we feel brave, and we were on the train line to Sheringham (and Holt). It was slightly pricier than other sites we stay at but facility’s being so good meant we had no issue paying this.

Friday night was spent with a few drinks, and putting the world to rights. We took a wander to the on site bar (dog friendly) and I sampled some local gin.

Saturday morning dawned sunny and so we wasted no time, bacon rolls first then a wander to reception to buy tickets for the train. As it was Father’s Day, they’d ramped the prices up somewhat, it we didn’t mind paying £20 pp as it’s a heritage line, and someone’s got to fund it. We then realised the next train to Sheringham was imminent so legged it the half a mile down to the station arriving just in the nick of time for the scheduled time of arrival. Annoyingly, the timetable was running over half an hour latest actually we needn’t have rushed! Oh well! The views from the small request stop station were glorious and fields of Poppy’s surrounding us were appropriate not to mention beautiful, considering we were on the Poppy Line.

Eventually our train arrived and we enjoyed the short journey to nearby Sheringham.

We had a couple of ciders overlooking the sea before fish and chips and of course this summer no trip to Sheringham is complete without a look at the newly formed and rather large sinkhole on the highstreet!

After a bit of a charity shop browse, we headed back to the station to make use of our roamer tickets. We were hoping to get to Wells but unfortunately the train station and poppy line were still in chaos. No one seemed to think that we’d be able to get back from wells to Kelling Heath, I’m still not sure why, it was all very confusing, but the long and short of it meant that we ended up paying £20 pp (£80 in total!) for a 6 mile return trip to Sheringham! Ouch. Having said that we enjoying using the heritage train line – it just needed a bit of fine tuning perhaps.

Saturday evening’s tea was burgers and salad which we cooked on Dad and Jenny’s cadac – a first for us.

Sunday arrived and we decided to make the most of the early departure time of 10am by getting up and away, and driving down the road to Weybourne beach car park for breakfast. We were treated to a full English which went well before a little leg stretch on the beach.

Soon the weather turned, so we bid farewell to Dad and Jenny before heading home.

A lovely weekend!

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  1. I remember doing part of this line and walking back 7 miles to Sheringham with a 5/6 year old … had energy sweets for every milestone! Lovely neck of the woods.
    We had a belated Father’s Day lunch last week when my Aged Ps visited us in Sardinia … always best if we can all enjoy it!

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