Adventures in Dorset Part 2

Friday 31st May

After a wonderful stay at Corfe Castle, it was time to move on to our final location on this trip – Charmouth. We took a small detour to go to the back at Studland Bay, where we got the paddleboard out and had a lark around for an hour or so – the sea was like a mill pond and I even managed to get on my feet!

The journey to Charmouth took a couple of hours, but we did a stop at Morrison’s to replenish Ruby’s cupboards. The forecast was looking excellent so we decided to stock up for two more bbqs. I don’t think we’ve ever had so many bbqs by this point of the year – it’s been a fab year of weather on our trips so far.

On arrival at Charmouth C&CC we were shown to our pitch- which was humongous. We set our stall out quickly, and decided to enjoy the sunshine with a chill outside Ruby for the remainder of the day.

Location wise, getting to Charmouth wasn’t as simple as we’d hoped it would be, without using Ruby that is. There were no bus routes and we were about 5 miles downhill (meaning 5 miles uphill on our return) to cycle. We decided to make use of the walking route down to Charmouth – which was about a 3 hour routebut looked quite challenging. That could wait til tomorrow, so after showers in the brand new and rather impressive shower block, which the wardens are extremely proud of, we sparked up the barbie and enjoyed our evening on site.

Saturday dawned sunnier than we could have hoped for. A beach day was definitely on the cards, so we packed a picnic and some drinks, and made our way on the campsite route down to Charmouth. It was mainly downhill, following quiet country lanes, before going onto a footpath which lead over lush grassy paddocks all the way down into Charmouth.

Charmouth is a small but rather traditional seaside resort. The beach area is pretty and has a large car park and cafe, but not much else- not that we required anything else. We spent a good hour or so dozing on the beach and enjoying our picnic -the area on the left of the beach huts is dog friendly.

By this point we felt certain that we wouldn’t walk back – it was mainly up hill – so we decided to carry on along the beach for a couple of miles or so to get to Lyme Regis. The walk from Charmouth to Lyme Regis along the beach needs to be timed with care- don’t get caught out with the tides.

This stretch of beach is extremely popular with fossil hunters – young and old, we were accompanied by the sounds of special hammers tapping the rocks as we watched -everyone eager to find some fossils.

Lyme Regis was absolutely beautiful. I’m so glad we made the effort to carry on. Still traditional but larger in size – we passed the museum and wandered along the promenade, stopping for some ice cream – purbeck ice cream is Devine!

We wandered around the harbour, soaking in the atmosphere and the sunshine, before stopping at the fishmongers for some treats for our final night bbq and having a cheeky beer on one of the beach front beer gardens. Luckily we managed to source a taxi to take us back to Ruby else it would have been a long walk home – we’d clocked up 7 miles by now. But we’d loved it!

Our bbq tonight was amazing – monkfish and chorizo kebabs, halloumi kebabs and sea bass. A wonderful way to close our tour of Dorset. We’d had a blast, eaten and drank some wonderful local food, and enjoyed some fantastic walks.

I think we will be back here again sometime that’s for sure.

Until next time


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