Product Review – Remoska Electric Oven from Lakeland

Food, Glorious Food!

Anyone that follows our blog regularly will have gathered by now that we are into our food. We love nothing more than trying new dishes, using local ingredients to create our own culinary masterpieces and finding new ways to push the boundaries when it comes to cooking whilst on camping trips in our trusty VW campervan which has just two gas hob rings.

New Gadgets

The Remoska oven first caught my eye as something which would enable us to cook a roast dinner whilst away. For me, I think a roast dinner is my ultimate favourite meal; a nice succulent piece of meat, loads of fresh veg, crunchy roast potatoes and lashings of gravy. Oh and you must not forget the Yorkshire puddings; no matter what the meat, the Yorkshire puds perch proudly on top.

When we used to to have Bluebell the Motorhome, we often used to cook a roast dinner in her oven whilst away, but since downsizing to Ruby we have obviously sacrificed that and it’s been fine, we’ve used our slow cooker and just had no Yorkshire puds or roasties. Then one day a few weeks ago, the Remoska Oven found its way into my Facebook feed – like a message from above. “Lydia – there is a way for roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings in Ruby”. Considering I spend every waking moment when I’m not working researching trip ideas and recipes, I couldn’t believe that I’d not heard of one before.

Lakeland very kindly agreed to send me a Remoska Grande Electric Oven to try on our recent trip to Northern Ireland. I immediately added a chicken to the online grocery shop order, and couldn’t wait to hit the road!

What is the Remoska Electric Oven

A Remoska Oven originates from Czech Republic. It’s a large deep Teflon saucepan with a lid that has heating elements hidden within. It heats up to 190-220 degrees centigrade, requires no preheating and amazingly only draws minimal power, making it perfect for campervans and the like.

What can you cook

Our second night of the trip happened to be a Sunday, so I wasted no time and even despite the fact that we’d been travelling, as soon as we were on site got cracking.

For convenience, because we’d literally just driven from Norfolk to Northern Ireland, I wanted to keep it fairly basic, so brought a prepared chicken joint, and also pre- made Yorkie puds.

You can see my YouTube video of our first roast here: but needless to say, it went very well. A massive advantage to using the Remoska in the campervan was that (within reason) it didn’t need supervising to the same level that if I were cooking chicken on the gas hob would. But equally, the whole thing only took me 1.5 hours – not all day like the slow cooker, so despite all the miles driven that day, we were still able to use it in time for a normal evening meal time of day.

During our 10 days away, we actually used the Remoska everyday- in fact by the end we were starting to wonder how we ever coped without it!

At breakfast on most days we enjoyed local Irish and Cumberland Sausage (from our farm shop hauls) which cooked to perfection whilst we got the van ready to leave / showered / had a lay in. Rather than the faff of sitting for 20-30 mins turning them in the saucepan regularly and then still having the skin burnt, this was a game changer.

We used it for meal side dishes such as chips, onion rings and stuffed mushrooms – the perfect accompaniment to our Irish fillet steak supper, and also parmienter potatoes and jacket potatoes- we’ve previously done the latter in the slow cooker but they’ve taken 4 hours so we could only have them on non driving days. Not any more! Also for future this opens up Chilli con carne with jacket pots – chilli in the slow cooker and jacket spuds in the Remoska! 💪

We pimped up our slow cooker chilli con carne with some cheesy nachos on top – oh, that was delicious – making use of foil containers which actually we ended up using quite a bit as roasting dishes inside the Remoska – this saved washing up and helped with portion control.

We managed to fit another roast in, this time a local Irish silverside of beef in just over an hour.

Possibly the most exciting for me, once I’d got over the elation of two roast dinners – homemade mac n cheese with Irish soda bread and breaded chicken pieces from the local farm shop. Delicious even if I do say so myself! Here’s my video

What’s unique?

A few people mentioned to me that their Cobb bbq’s do a similar job to the Remoska. This is true, however, you need ok weather to use it. We go camping all year round – and being realistic, I just don’t fancy the idea of standing outside in the cold or wet to cook dinner. Another advantage of the Remoska for indoor cooking over the gas hob burner is that as it’s electric we don’t need to worry about having a window open to let the gas fumes out. Handy when it’s bucketing down as the rain comes in our side sliders and we constantly worry it’s going to break the electric locking mechanism. The power draw is just so low that it doesn’t trip our electrics (or the Campsite’s). Yet, unlike the slow cooker, it cooks at a normal oven temperature so meals don’t take a minimum of 4 hours.

Storing it in a VW Campervan

Storing it was easy enough as that was with our jam packed campervan – I think we travelled with the most we’ve ever taken this time! On driving days it sat in a recyclable shopping bag on the floor of the back, and as soon as we parked up the shopping bag was moved onto the dashboard.

The Remoska Grande just fits nicely on the glass cover that protects the sink or the gas rings. It comes with a stand for the saucepan to sit on so it doesn’t get too hot on the work surface. The cord stretches far enough for our electric socket by the wardrobe. There is a bit of space management required when needing to use the sink or hob, but we just put our table up and keep moving it about. I’m sure forward planning would improve that but we have to remind ourselves we are in a 5 metre long tin box and not the kitchen at home!

The Bottom Line

The Remoska Grande is currently priced at £169.99 at Lakeland. Although it feels like a lot to splash out, it really has opened up our options for making nice meals in Ruby the VW. Obviously you need to be on a site with electricity but you really can cook anything on it that you would usually cook at home and in any weather. Not that we’d eat them, but ready meals would fit perfectly inside. Pies, cakes, pizzas, chicken Kiev’s, chips, you name it. It really is a remarkable bit of kit and we highly recommend it.

Our next trip will hopefully give us chance to make homemade pizzas as that is something we always crave when away, so keep your eyes peeled for a YouTube video on that. I’ll update this post with that afterwards

Thanks very much to Lakeland for sending out a Remoska Grande Electric Oven kit for me to test. All opinions are my own.

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