A change to our Summer Plans

The long awaited Summer Holidays are finally here. I’m not going to lie; last half term practically broke me. I have never been so non stop in all my career as a self employed music teacher and musician, which is great for the books but emotionally and physically I nearly cracked!

On top of a mad 7 weeks of work, we’ve once more had some hefty family situations to deal with resulting in numerous trips to and from London (some had to take place during the night and back again!), a village fete to organise, a hen do in Dublin and enough other stuff. Other than 2 nights in Dublin its been all work and no play for almost 8 weeks. However, we got through it all (just) and by Friday last week as we neared the end, Keith sat me down with a rather concerned look on his face. The conversation went something like this:

K: “I’m very worried about you – you’re exhausted”

Me: “I am”

K: “I think you need to sit on a beach for a little while and let someone else run around after you”

Me: “that sounds nice – yes please”

Don’t get me wrong – we both adore Motorhome Road trips, and we were both very excited about our 2 week pre booked jaunt to the New Forest, Dorset, Devon and Somerset which should have started on Wednesday. However, they aren’t always the most relaxing of breaks – I love driving, so despite Keith always offering, I generally drive. I also adore cooking so will aways make the most of being in a new area by cooking up some lovely meals. We have the bed to set out, decisions to make – shall we do this today, or that? They just don’t always allow for us to sit and not move for days on end unless we pre book a week on a site somewhere well in advance and then we run the risk of getting bored or the weather being rubbish.

So last Saturday we spent half an hour looking online for some last minute deals on Thomas Cook, flicking through package deals after package deal in Greece, Spain, Turkey. Nothing jumped out and we resigned ourselves to the fact that actually we are campers through and through and we’ll make an effort to chill this time.

We were just logging off when I said “lets see what happens when you click ‘All Caribbean'”…..

7 nights all inclusive in Cuba in a 5 star resort, thats what. £1500 all in for the both of us. Suddenly we felt excited and 10 mins later we were cancelling our campsites.

Sorry South Coast of England. Hope you understand…

3 thoughts on “A change to our Summer Plans

  1. Good for you. You’ll love Cuba. We were there in January. Fascinating and the people are lovely. If you want an individual guide try asking for Damien at https://ilovecuba.webs.com/ He showed us around Havana for a day and it was awesome – all the tourist bit as well as the “real” Cuba too. And he takes photos of you while you get to take photos of Cuba! If you do see him remind him of our son Owain from Wales for whom he translated the lyrics of Despacito

    1. Oh great – thanks for your positivity! We are starting to get excited now. Unfortunately cos we got a late deal that we weren’t really looking for (!) we’ve ended up at Holguin rather than Havana – so we are the other end of the island than Havana. Who knows, we may end up going back another time though, so I will bookmark your recommendation.

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