Top 5 Apps for Camping Trips

IMG_B353A955679A-1Love em’ or hate em’, you can’t deny that the invention of smart phones has changed the dynamic of camping. Long gone are the days where nipping out on a camping excursion means no contact with the outside world (unless you switch it off that is!) and for many (myself included) the invention of these annoying yet addictive devices has done nothing but enhance our trips away. So what appsdo I use on my iPhone to enhance my holiday? Read on for my top 10 camping holiday apps.

Dark Sky Weather App

dark sky

Us Brits seem to have a reputation about talking endlessly about the weather! It’s the one aspect of our holiday that we have no control over, but it doesn’t stop us wanting to keep an eye on it nonetheless. I use Dark Sky which although is a paid one (£2.99) rather than the endless free weather apps, I find it slightly more accurate than BBC Weather, Accuweather, the Met Office or The Weather Channel. It also alerts you if there is likely to be raining in the next hour, giving you time to get indoors or grab a brolly.


CamperstopThe Camperstop App is a great bit of kit, especially when you are touring Europe. It is linked to the Camperstops bible and lists near enough every Motorhome stopover, whether its free or paid, what type of stop it is, and even lists just the service point stops. In UK there are a few listed on, but as Aires aren’t quite so popular over here there aren’t so many listed on.



We’ve been using “Colin” the CoPilot for coming up to 2 years now, and have usedit in numerous countries. I’m still as chuffed with it now as I was at first. Advantages of Copilot over the free Googlemaps are that a) you can enter your vehicle measurements and the route is then calculated based on these measurements b) you don’t need any signal as the maps are saved online c) it’s relatively easy to use and d) you can save addresses etc so it’s easy to find locations in a hurry. Here is a link to my old review in case you missed it.



An online worldwide treasure hunt game, which opens up some great walks and outside adventures when you are in new (or your local) area(s). Free to join in (or pay to have a premium membership which enables you to have offline maps and caches saved)


Pocket Universe


Sat around the campsite with a great night sky debating which star is which? No problem – whip out Pocket Universe, point it at the sky and it will tell you. It’s a  marvellous bit of kit and doesn’t need internet either!


Do you have any apps to add to my list? What are your favourites to use to help you on your camping trip?

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  1. Will definitely take a look at coPilot. Used Google maps last year when we’d been away from our campsite in Wales and took a wrong turning to get back. Used Google and it very kindly took us on the back country lanes to the back of the campsite where you can’t get in and had to carry on down a very narrow country lane – cheers for that Google 😉 Also took us over Horseshoe pass in Wales (eeek) in our motorhome – spectacular views but would have much preferred it in a car.

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