Campervan Cooking – Tuna* and Samphire* parcels

This is a great Campervan recipe as you’ve got the flexibility to change the ingredients to what you can find!

Whilst away in Pembrokeshire we found some local Samphire on sale in the fishmongers in Tenby. We’d got a couple of delicious looking Tuna steaks in the fridge already that we had picked up from Aldi, but obviously the preference would be to buy from a local fishmonger. We’ve also tried this many times with salmon fillets which is equally as lovely. And if you can’t find Samphire then using asparagus is just as tasty.

Cut two large squares of tin foil and place the Samphire (or asparagus) in the middle.

Place the tuna steak or salmon on top, season with salt and pepper and mixed herbs, and add a knob of butter on top of the fish.

Pull the sides of the foil up and fold over so the fish and veg is encased in a package.

Get a frying pan over medium to high heat (or place straight on a campfire!) and place the foil package on the frying pan/hot coals.

Leave to cook ten mins or so. After ten mins gently check to see how the fish is cooking. It will change colour so you can track how quickly it’s cooking.

When cooked remove from the pan and leave on the side whilst you add a knob of butter to the already hot frying pan. Any left over Samphire that wouldn’t fit in the parcel can be fried off for a couple of minutes in the hot butter.

Serve with cous cous or new potatoes and a glass or two of white wine. Yum

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