Campervan Cooking – Pembrokeshire* Chowder

* could be any county – depends where you brought your fish!

I saw this on the menu at a pub we had a drink in and just knew I had to do my own version – the more I thought about the more it dawned on me what a great camping recipe this was!

We were in lovely Tenby, Pembrokeshire and so hit google to find a local fishmongers. Sure enough Google guided us to one a couple of minutes walk away.

Simply Seafood was the perfect place to purchase some fresh seafood for our chowder. We opted for a simple chowder with just Cod – the lady told me it had been caught early that morning – when I asked where from she pointed to the Harbour and said “turn right”!

However the joy of a chowder is really you can put anything in! Prawns, white fish, yellow fish- shellfish- up to you and more importantly, what you can get your hands on.

Next evening and I was all set to cook it. For two (with large appetites!!) you need a large (preferably local) baking potato, an onion, some garlic, some fish stock and some milk (or cream). And obviously some wine (or fizz!) to keep you hydrated whilst cooking!

Peel your potato and cut into small cubes. The smaller the cube the quicker it cooks. You want it almost over cooked so it mashes up nicely. Slice the onion and garlic and fry until a light brown.

We had one largish piece of cod (£3.50 bargain!) for the two of us.

Once the potatoes are cooked drain and use a fork to fluff them up a little.

Cut the cod into small chunks. Boil kettle and pour about 300 ml water into the saucepan with the cooked potatoes and add the fish stock and the cooked onion and garlic. Leave to simmer for a few minutes before adding the cod.

Use a fork to mash the potato along the side of the saucepan. Add a glug of milk (around 100ml) and cream if using.

Leave to cook for around 6-7 minutes once you’ve added the cod.

Season to taste.

Serve with fresh local bread and a glass or two 😜 of white wine.

Perfect Campervan meal whilst why the sea – especially when it’s a little chilly,rainy or blowing a hoooley outside!

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