Summer 2016: Adventures in Europe, Part 5; The Romantic Road, Germany

Day 9- Thursday

Location: Würzburg DE. Aire on River Main. No services €3/24hrs  GPS n49.797080, e9.923020
Miles Driven: Bacharach- Würzburg  125 miles 
Weather: mainly wet- dry in afternoon
Bluebell the motorhome is parked right beside the river Maine, 500m walk from the small historical city of Wurzburg, at the northern end of the Romantic Road. 

The weather gods are determined to follow us despite our best efforts at covering some miles today to try and find the sunshine. We woke up to rain, so had a lazier morning enjoying the free wifi at the aire at Bacharach. Spotting a break in the rain we had a quick leg stretch along the Rhine to find a geocache, before servicing Bluebell and hitting the road. We got stuck on today’s journey in roadworks after roadworks. Therefore our journey of 2 hours became a journey of 3 hours, however we were happy to arrive at our aire in Würzburg in time to bag the last spot overlooking the river. We are parked up next to a large Concorde motorhome and beside that is an interesting looking converted fire engine. 

After a quick steak and stilton wrap, we had a wander into the city centre along the river. Thankfully the rain had stopped and so we picked up a copy of a town walk from the tourist info. It led us past some really old baroque style buildings with amazing facias and also a UNESCO world heritage palace- said to be the most important palace in Europe. It’s obviously based on the Palace of Versailles. 

We enjoyed the walk but had worked up a thirst, obviously! We found our way back to the market square and got a seat in a bar right in front of our favourite building we had seen, now home to the Tourist Info. What a beautiful building. 

I tried a local Riesling – the area is surrounded by vineyards, and Keith tried two locally brewed lagers. On our return to Bluebell we passed a Pandora shop, and Keith very sweetly treated me to a lovely charm for my bracelet with a windmill on like Kinderdilk- a present cos I’ve done all the driving so far-  I’m not a great passenger and quite enjoy driving abroad so it’s not an issue but it was a nice gesture off Keith ❤️

Just as we crossed the river again to reach Bluebell the motorhome we had our final drink-  we had noticed on our way in loads of people stood on the bridge with wine glasses drinking. It had made us chuckle until we realised it was a local wine seller/shop in a shack on the bridge. As it wasn’t raining we decided to have “one for the road”- Keith tried the Red and I had the Rose- both were delicious. The German wine we’ve tried isn’t as heavy as French wine but very fruity and refreshing.  It was a really lovely atmosphere looking out over the river to the castle and vineyards, everyone chatting away.  

We made it back to Bluebell as the heavens open, and had chicken Balti for tea. Tomorrow we will be travelling south on the Romantic Straße- hopefully with better weather! 
Day 10- Friday

Location: Rothenburg del Tough DE. Aire on edge of historical walled town. Water and drainage  €10/24hrs GPS n49.797080, e9.923020

Miles Driven: Würzburg – Rothenburg miles – some along the Romantic Road

Weather: dry  (hurrah!) and sunny this afternoon 

Bluebell the motorhome is parked up on the edge of the town walls in the medieval town of Rothenburg, perhaps a third of the way down The Romantic Road. We’ve got a few Italian and Dutch vans for company, still no Brits- where are you all! 
Today we had every intention of following the romantic road to Rothenburg. We spent time last night investigating how to get onto it as despite there being lots of info about the scenic tourist route, finding the starting location was tricky- or more accurately a guessing game as none of the literature included that part! We got up and on the road for 08:20 – unnaturally early for us, filled with fuel (€1.08pl) and followed the road out of town, hoping for the best. We were relieved to see a sign and by 08:40 were trundling along the Romantic Road.
 The scenic route took us past miles of farmland with occasionally pretty fields of sunflowers, one of my favourites. Occasionally we passed through a pretty little village, but we both commented how incredibly quiet it was! Villages looked shut down for the summer, there were no other vehicles on the road, it was almost like being here in the winter! Despite this, the route was slow going, and we’d been going for an hour before we reached our first main town. Not far after this, the road ahead was closed due to roadworks and we were diverted off to a different road. We followed this, desperately hoping to see a diversion sign, but sadly no such luck- we must have missed it (although I think it was more likely not there!) after a quick discussion about what to next the mutual agreement was to put the coordinates of our aire into Colin our copilot and just get to Rothenburg, it looked like the highlight in our book, so we would sacrifice the romantic road in order to a)not get lost trying to refind it and b) not arrive too late and miss a space in the aire. 
We were soon arriving at Rothenburg, surprised to see how empty the aire was. After a quick cuppa we wandered into to town, and from the minute we passed under the first town archway we were smitten. The only real way I can describe the town is imagine you are walking on your own pantomime set. The arcitecture is wonderfully old, wooden, colourful and lopsided, the streets are cobbled (would have preferred to be pedestrians only but hey ho) the market place is grand, there are grape vines everywhere, colourful window boxes, wine shops, chocolate shops, cafes, bars etc. It was beautiful and we had the most glorious of afternoons exploring every nook and cranny. 

We picked up a town walk map from the tourist info and just followed our noses, stopping for a lunch on the market square- I had snitzel and Keith had bratwurst and saucrasen. Yummy. 

I tried the local “snowball”pastry, a local sweet treat which was nice, and we bought some local cured sausage for later in the van. 

We had a perfect day and at last the weather began to behave. 
Around 6pm we made our way back to Bluebell for a chill out, it’s tiring all this exploring. We had chilli con carne for tea and now thoughts are turning to tomorrow. Do we carry on south on the romantic road, taking the much slower prettier route, or do we hit the motorway and find some mountains and scenery- in our hearts we wonder if we will find another German town that will be as nice as this, and are we feeling towned out? An advantage to holidaying in a motorhome in Europe, we can decide on the day what we fancy and point the wheels in whichever direction our heart fancies..!

Until next time 

More pictures of the romantic road when we have a better wifi connection, until then you’re stuck with my iPhone pics! 

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  1. We did similar last month, getting half way down the Romantic Road before deciding to head for Lake Constance (a lovely swim), before spending a few days in the Black Forest, which we loved. Have a great time.

    1. Hi great to hear from you. We will be returning this route – have you any recommendations for stops please for brig Lake Constance and Black Forest. Thanks in advance!!

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