Summer 2016: Adventures in Europe, Part 4; The Rhine Gorge, Germany 

Day 7- Tuesday 

Location: Koblenz DE. Free aire 2km out of main old town (cycle path down the Mosel River) no services GPS n50.365690, e7.573830

Miles Driven: Arnem – Koblenz 166 miles 

Weather: mainly wet

Bluebell the motorhome is in Germany! We are parked up almost on the River Mosel, with around 50 other vans, mainly Dutch and German, but a couple of British vans too, in a free aire on the outskirts of the city.

We had a surprisingly quiet nights sleep last night in Arnhem, I was convinced we would have boy racers making noise last night but thankfully all was quiet. We woke to heavy rain, and with the day’s forecast looking bleak we decided to have an early start, get all our services done at the nearby shell garage, do a quick food shop at nearby Lidl and and head to the outskirts of Arnhem to the Airbourne Museum, situated in the British headquarters building. I’m really glad we did, we discovered a more picturesque area, and it was good to see the building that the British used to command from. 

The museum was full of interesting relics from the war, specifically from the Arnhem battle and was well worth the €9 entry charge. We particularly enjoyed the Airbourne experience downstairs, which although was hard hitting, gave you an insight of what it would have been like during those 9 days where Arnhem became the frontline of the war.

In hindsight I think the ultimate “Arnhem experience” (in our opinion) would be to drive straight to the Airbourne museum on arrival to the area then on to the aire to park up, see the bridge and have a wander into the main town square. We wasted a lot of time yesterday. Isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing?!

By 12:00 we were on the road and ready to advance in to Germany, hurrah! It was a 3 hour journey, again near enough all on motorways. We had a quick coffee break half way and rolled into Koblenz just before 4pm. The aire was packed already- we got one of the last spaces! We wasted no time as there seemed to be a break in the rain so Keith unloaded the bikes straight away and we set off on the short journey into the historic town centre. 

Koblenz is a lovely historical German town, with some beautiful old architecture. The Rhine joins the Mosel river here and there is an unusal river junction which we walked down to see. 

We really enjoyed having a wander around and soaking up the laid back atmosphere. We nipped for a drink on the main square, Keith trying a locally brewed lager which he enjoyed and I tried the local Reisling white wine. Both were delicious! 

By the time we got back to Bluebell it was nearly 8pm- time flies when you’re having fun! Tea tonight was a quick affair, Thai red prawn curry, a favourite of ours. Tomorrow the plan is to follow the Rhine river south for a few miles- I’m quite excited by this! We will see where we end up!

Day 8- Wednesday 

Location: Bacharach DE. Private aire next to campsite situated on the banks of The Rhine €9 pn + €2.50 with electric. Full services, free wifi GPS n50.056460, e.7.770400
Miles Driven:  Koblenz – Bacharach 35 miles 
Weather: mainly wet, dried up in late afternoon 
Bluebell the motorhome is parked up with a great view of the Rhine alongside around 40 other vans, no Brits.

 We are in Bacharach, a fabulous old German town, surrounded by vineyards sprawling up the steep river banks, fairytale castles dotted about on hillsides. 

It was a short wet drive today, but the weather didn’t detract how pretty this stretch of the Rhine is. We stopped at Oberwesel for our brunch stop and a walk around the medieval town walls. The weather was terrible but the market place was very picturesque, with wooden buildings and the most gorgeous vines growing above the streets with grapes hanging below. We have arrived in wine country! 

5 miles down the road and we pulled into our stop for the night at Bacharach. Again, a beautifully romantic old town, with buildings dating from the 16c.

 We soon found the Post Hoff, a magnificent wooden building with a courtyard to die for, that happened to be occupied by a local wine maker/butcher. We settled in, Keith with a litre of beer made by the owners cousin, and me with a local dry Reisling, again, very nice. We asked if he made his own sausage, oh yes, he said enthusiacally and the next thing we were tucking into his homemade Bratwurst, Mash and Saucraute. Amazing! 

The rest of the afternoon passed in a booze fuelled blur, we enjoyed beverage stops in several of the charming buildings before heading back for snitzel and chips for tea. Bacharach has certainly made a lasting impression jon us. 

 PS you can follow our journey using a real time location tracker by following this link:

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  1. We stayed on the same Stellplatz in Bacharach in June, and loved the area. Hope you will find time to visit Rothenburg o.d. Tauber as you go south through Germany. It is one of our favourites! We have a VW T5 Campervan called ‘Bluebell’! Enjoy your trip! Janette P

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