Summer 2016 plans – Germany and Austria

We have spent this weekend researching our next big adventure – 4 weeks in Europe next Summer – we are already starting to feel excited about this, as we’ve been wanting to go to Germany for a few years. We’ve been busy saving up our Tesco Clubcard vouchers for a few months and decided today was as good as time as any to book our Eurotunnel crossing for next Summer.  We leave on Wed 27th July and return on Wednesday 24th Aug – 4 whole weeks!

The loose plan is Calais to Waterloo, Belgium to Arnhem, Netherlands so Keith can see his battlefields then onto Germany, where we hope to travel along The Romantic Road and maybe The Black Forest – I’m thinking gateaux galore! Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 12.15.12

^A loose idea of our general direction – it will be interesting to look at this nearer the time and then again once we return to see how our projected route changes!

Other sites in Germany that interest us are The Eagle’s Nest, Neuschwanstein Castle, and Bavaria. We also want to get as far as Austria – Salzburg and Halstatt are on the list!

Romantic Road

The Romantic Route ^

Now the real fun starts – re reading other peoples blogs that I have bookmarked over the past couple of years that this trip has been on the cards.

Anyone got any tips for Germany? Must see’s? Good Stellplatz? Any tips most appreciated!

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4 thoughts on “Summer 2016 plans – Germany and Austria

  1. Sounds good. My advice, skirt along the Romantic Strasse, parts of it are nice and chocolate boxy, but the Black Forest and the Alps are breathtaking. Also get yourself the TUV Green Emmsisions Badge, so you’re not restricted in entering built up areas.

    Finally, get onto the Autosleepers Forum, there are a couple of brilliant threads running about travels in Germany/Austria.

  2. For us Neuschwanstein Castle was a bit of a let down, it was more manic than Oxford Street on a wet Saturday. Hallstadt was amazing – park slightly out of the town at the coach park – you ring for a taxi and it takes you in and out (included in parking fee). ~Parking is for 24 hours so you can stay overnight, glorious little beach on the edge of the coach park if its warm enough for a swim.

    1. Hi thanks for the tips here, we will have to see how it is round the castle, a, sure it will be heaving as school hols!
      Thanks for the tip for Hallstatt – good to know as I’m sure we will want to spend the night there

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