American adventures on Amtrak- Part 3 Washington DC

We’re just waiting at Washington Union Station to board our next Amtrak train, this time taking us to “The Windy City” (Chicago) on an overnight sleeper train service. We are very excited about the prospect of sleeping on a train, fingers crossed we will enjoy it! Our first experience of Amtrak on the journey from NY was good- loads of leg room, comfy seats, free wifi that allowed us to stream Spotify well, plus it ran on time (which we’ve been warned is a rarity!)   

On arrival to our hotel, The Phoenix Park hotel, we were once again treated to a warm welcome.

 We’ve had 2.5 days in Washington and have had a great time seeing the sights here. Funnily enough, we’ve spent the entire time feeling a sense of de ja vu as there are SO many films that we’ve watched that have been filmed around these streets. It’s been a quieter pace of life and cheaper for drinks and food. Impressively most of the memorials and museums are free to enter, and so our 2 days were spent trying to cram as much in as poss! The transport here is also good, with circular buses running between all the main attractions, plus a service from Union Station, where our hotel is, to Georgetown for $1 pp. 


First view of The White House

^(Do you like our tee shirts?! Couldn’t resist!)^

Martin Luther King Memorial   

Washington Memorial 


Lincoln Monument
 Iwo Jima



  Washington by night    


Cheeky unofficial photoshoot “inside the White House” 😉

National Archives  home to The original Declaration of  Independence, Bill of Rights and Constitution

National Museum of Air and space (FAB)





























































   ^The steps where the film The Exorcist was filmed^ 

The Jefferson Memorial

Vietnamese Memorial

National Museum of Native A,erican History 

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