The Easter hols 2015: Kent and East Sussex- Part 6, The final chapter 

Bluebell the motorhome is safely tucked up back at home, emptied and cleaned out, having completed her 440 mile tour of Kent and East Sussex. We’ve had a blast! 

We had a wonderful day relaxing on site yesterday, we managed some time outside the van and cooked a delicious roast lamb dinner. 



The view from the site was lovely, although if I’m honest I don’t think it’s one we would rush back to. The good points were the price; at £10 a night with electric and hard standing it was a bargain, there’s no question about it. The views were lovely, and there was a nice walk down to the owners lake house. 





 There were lots of birds – we heard owls every night and I also spotted a yellow woodpecker and an owl last night. It was very quiet and the owners left you alone. But sadly it was let down (in our opinion) by the total lack of refuse points. There wasnt a single bin onsite, instead the owners had opted for 4 (overflowing) recycling bins- one for newspaper, one for wine bottles, one for plastic bottles (not food packaging) and one for food tins (baked bean tins not the fosters kind!). Don’t get me wrong, we are happy to recycle, but by not having a general waste bin we had nowhere to dispose of the other waste that you acquire. The owner had instead decided to leave posters on every pitch saying we had to take our own rubbish to the tip down the road. Again, happy to abide apart from a) it’s bank holiday weekend and the tip isn’t open and b) driving a motorhome to a tip in an area that we don’t live in isn’t as easy as it sounds (plus isn’t that kinda what you DONT wanna do on holiday?!) We were also told we had to take our dog poo bags to the council bins in town (which we spent a LONG time looking for on Saturday). In the end we left this morning with 4 bags of rubbish in our bathroom which by the time we found some bins were really starting to stink!

So, before we headed home we had planned to do a walk from nearby Hassocks along the South Downs Way. We were in for a real treat, the weather gods were on our side! We parked up at Hassocks Railway station and absolutely loved the 5 mile walk from Hassocks up to the Jack and Jill windmills (a couple of 19th Century corn mills- Jill is open to visitors, Jack isn’t due to being privately owned) along the South Downs Way, and back down again in the beautiful sunshine!  






The views from the South Downs path was sensational! I don’t know what I was expecting, but it literally took my breath away, and was another reminder of what a wonderful country we live in! 

We couldn’t have asked for a nicer way to finish the holiday, and although we were sad that it was over, we had a brilliant break, recharged our batteries, and travelled home feeling refreshed and looking forward to the next trip!

Until next time 



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