Cornwall/Devon Summer 2014: Facts and Figures


Trip Stats
13 nights away
1065 miles
3 Tanks of fuel
7 Britstop overnight stops
6 Community car park overnight stops
0 campsites
1 night on electric
3 fab cycle rides on disused railway lines
Oodles of local food, ale and cider
A few additional scratches down the side
A broken indicator
And here’s the amazing bit:
Total cost ( including fuel from and back to Norfolk and ALL food)


Amazing really to think we enjoyed a 2 week holiday for 2 (heavy eaters/drinkers!) for less than £700.

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    1. There’s not really an easy answer to this I’m afraid. The truth is there are very few across England. I found out about the ones we stayed at by spending quite a long time before we left on google searching for motorhome overnight parking. I’ve added the ones I’ve found out about to the page on this site called Motorhome friendly towns and villages. 🙂

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