Easter Holidays 2014 Pt1- Norfolk – The Scottish Border (A68) – Loch Lomond

Bluebell the motorhome is parked up once again (for the 4th year running) on the Bonny banks of Loch Lomond.


we are parked in the layby closest to The Inverbeg Inn- ideal for walking down for a cheeky dram


The weather is ok- it’s dry but overcast. We headed for our usual layby, but were disgusted by the amount of litter that’s been left, so moved on to the next layby. Same view, but cleaner surrounds. Unfortunately I fear that it’s fellow tourist/motorhomes that have left the rubbish- although to be fair there are absolutely no bins around whatsoever, unlike other areas of Scotland. For a country that welcomes wild camping, we find this no bin attitude a strange one.

We had a lovely couple of drinks at The Inn at Inverbeg– including their local whiskey- The Loch Lomond malt.

Other than that, we spent a happy and relaxing evening here, and a enjoyed a fantastic view to cook and eat tea from!! We fear the litterbugs’ reputation damage may mean that next year we are unable to stop here, so we made sure we enjoyed every last moment of daylight here this time round as well as picked a bit of litter up ourselves – however there is only a limit we can take with no bins to put it in for miles!



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