Wish I Was There….

I adore this photo- it’s my screen saver on my ipad and my phone and every time I look at it, I just can’t help but smile. It was taken on our trip to France last May, and we were staying at a France Passion orchard near to Mont St Michel. As you can tell from the photo, the weather was lovely and I think that afternoon was our most chilled of the trip. We arrived at the orchard, who’s produce was Cider and Calvodos, parked up right amongst the apple trees, and spent an afternoon sampling, buying then more sampling (well you have to be sure, right?!) their delicious cider. Our dog, Jazz, wasn’t immediately sure of the neighbours as you can see, but after a good sniff of each other’s bits and a lick for good measure they were like best buddies…. (If only humans were the same eh?!) 

Is anyone else dreaming and planning of where they are heading for this year? 

We’ve just received our Tesco Clubcard vouchers through the post, and this has got us thinking about when we will nip off to France for our annual trip this year (we are trading in our vouchers for Eurotunnel tickets). The current Tesco clubcard scheme allows you to triple the points, so £10 at Tesco = £30 to spend on the Eurotunnel. We’ve managed to acrew £32 in vouchers which means a very healthy amount to spend on our crossing! Happy Days

So now we just need to decide when to book the crossing for….. there have been several options and ideas floating about (sometimes we wonder whether we get more fun from the planning stages?!) but I think we have now finally made our mind up about trips for this year. 

Places we know we want to visit this year….


Cornwall and Devon



We originally had planned to do Scotland in Easter as usual, Cornwall and Devon in May half term, France Germany and Austria in August and Wales in October. Several factors, the main being a friends wedding in August in Reading, are now making us think we should do the Cornwall and Devon tour in August, bugger off to France again in May half term and stick with Scotland and then Wales for Easter and October respectively. If we do it this way, we can still manage 10 days in France in May which should allow us to get to St Tropez for a blast of sunshine and possibly Carcassone and Dordogne (our favourite places) AND we get to make use of our years breakdown cover that we purchased at the start of Aug last year for our France/Italy trip. We will also get to visit the Bristol Balloon Festival which we wanted to go to lat year, as it’s the week prior to the wedding. Looks like Germany and Austria will have to wait til next Summer! 

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Fingers crossed! 

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