France- May half term 2013 (6) Guerande – Honfleur – Whissant – home

Bluebell the motorhome is parked back up outside home, she’s all unpacked, clean, and is having a major rest after driving us around the whole of Brittany, covering over 1600 miles!

We had a long journey from Guerande to Honfleur, we had been unlucky with roadworks on this entire trip, but this journey in particular was road closed after road closed. We just got to Honfleur in time for our 13:30 vets appointment- despite leaving ourselves an extra hour and a half. When we arrived, we were in the horrors, the vets was totally empty, other than workmen! After a sickening moment, we realised we were at the wrong one! 5 mins later, we’d found the right one, and had parked up and were knocking on the door. A very French vet opened up, let us in and made us feel extremely welcome. 10 mins and €40 later, Jazz had had a full check up, some tablets (hidden in cream cheese!) and his passport was all stamped and up to date.

We had to find the back way into the aire as the bride was elevated so you couldn’t drive in the normal way. It was ok for us, as Honfleur was beginning to feel like our second home, we knew the back entrance in but during the afternoon we saw many motorhomes driving around looking lost and stressed trying to follow the non existent French diversion!

We had a great seafood meal overlooking the harbour and an earlyish night- although we made use of our electric hook up- we were able to dig our Keefy’s spare blu ray player out that we carry and watch RV. I love that film, its so so funny!

Next morning, after a lie in, we hit the road to Calais. It took just over 3 hours. We heard for Cite Europe, the massive hypermarket next to the tunnel, to stock up on wine and cheese to bring home. Somehow, we totally underestimated how much wine to bring home, we bought about 10 bottles of red home – we picks done €1 Bordeaux and cotes de Rhone. Shopping done, we headed to find the wire in Wissant. It was very easy to find, it’s just as you enter the town. We took the last space, pitched up for free, and wandered into town. Jazz loved the beach and we had a good hour or so wandering. We used our last few euros on some wine which we happily drank whilst watching the world go by.

Next day, we set off on the 10min journey to the euro tunnel terminal. We were sad to be leaving France, and were both a bit nervous about the pet passport terminal- would our stamps be the right thing? Had we done everything we needed to? Our fears were soon gone, as soon as you drive into the terminal in France, there is a big paw print you follow to a separate terminal. They checked Jazz’s microchip, his stamps in his passport and had a chuckle at his passport photo! 2 mins later, and with a special dashboard sticker, we were free to go. We had arrived over an hour early,in case of any problems, and the we were lucky enough to get on the next shuttle. We literally drove through customs, passport control and onto the train. We were the last vehicle on the train and within 5 mins we were on our way. Absolutely fantastic, we won’t ever use the ferry again.

We really enjoyed our time in Brittany, however I don’t think either of us are in a rush to go back to that part of France. We both had wanted to visit for a long time- and we saw some great places, but we had to work hard to find them. We were disappointed in the difficulties we faced in trying to park the van in some of the towns, as France has such a great reputation for being motorhome friendly.

Our highlights:
France Passion night at the orchard
Mont St Michel
Randomly finding the amazing castle round the corner from the France passion site near Vannes

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