France- May half term 2013 (1) – Dover- Honfleur – Nr Granville

Bluebell the motorhome is parked up in amongst an orchard on the grounds of a very pretty French Farm in Normandy. The apples grown on this orchard are used to make cider, liquor and cider vinegar, and we’ve spent a glorious afternoon in the sunshine sampling *hic*!

We headed for Dover on Thursday after work, and had a very quick journey, which, luckily for us, allowed us go for a curry once we’d settled Jazz and showered. We parked on Marine Parade again, and enjoyed only having to cross the road to the curry house!

After a very peaceful night, we nipped up to Tescos to stock up on some supplies we had forgotten about, and then headed towards Folkstone to catch our train. We were hoping to be able to catch an earlier train, but they were full, so we had a chill in the car park, and spent some time in “Walkies” a dog play/ exercise area, which included lots of cruft type hoops and see saws and tunnels etc!

We were called onto our ferry shortly after 2:30 and thoroughly enjoyed our first crossing “under the sea”. We were so impressed with the whole embarking/disembarking process and the length of the crossing (35mins) that I can’t see us ever using the ferry again.

We decided to aim for the aire at Honfleur. We’ve been there before, and loved it, and as it was pouring with rain we weren’t in a hurry to stop driving. At 7pm on the dot, we arrived in Honfleur, connected with electricity courtesy of the aire (€10 for 24hrs with electric, water etc). After a quick shower (and time to allow the rain to stop) we hit the town and enjoyed a carafe of red wine, and sat outside overlooking the harbour. Jazz loved being nosey and was as good as gold.

We stumbled back to the van at 10pm and rustled up a late dinner and then promptly fell into a deep sleep until gone 9am this morning. After a quick cuppa we wandered back into town (5mins walk from aire) and enjoyed wandering around the alleys and exploring the market!

We headed back to Bluebell just before 1200 and set off towards Granville, near Mont St Micheal. We had a few France Passion sites in mind, but ended up picking the cider cave- surprising that eh?!

So now we are here, all tucked up in the apple orchard, the sun is shining, we are a bit merry on cider- we initially bought 2 bottles and a bottle of cider mixed with Calvados- but we’ve already drank them both so we went to buy 6 more! 🙂 We are sharing the field with a very friendly donkey (Dave)- he’s had his head inside our door most of the time we’ve been here so far. Jazz isn’t quite sure what to make of the donkey, however he isn’t barking!

Another van has just turned up, they are Brits and the farmer has been to collect Dave the Donkey, and show us a donkey that has only been born yesterday. So cute!

Tomorrow we head to Mont St Micheal and Cancale.

Until then















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