Introducing… BLUEBELL! Our new VAN! :) FEB 2012


February 2012 – we bit the bullet and spent some of our savings on a new van! Not new new, but substantially newer than dear old Daisy, who, after almost 10,000 miles in 18 months, became unusable due to a rather nasty leak up the front end. Apparently Talbots are known for this problem, its to do with the shape of the roof and also the joins wern’t made well back in the 80s. We looked at replacing the roof, as we are a pair of sentimental fools and it broke our heart to have to say goodbye, but sense finally prevailed and we started the hunt for our next home on wheels.

We spent a few weeks decided on what layout we were after to replace *her highness*, and after much deliberation decided on a rear lounge being the most important thing for us. After many hours searching, we decided the Ravenna Autosleeper ticked our boxed, and we soon found one within 50 miles of us, at Marquis Motorhomes, Ipswich. I want to write it here – we absolutely can not fault the service we received from Marquis one bit – right from the first phone call right through to the present day, we have had FANTASTIC service. Hadyn and his team, particularly Gavin were fab! THANK YOU!

To cut a long story short, from the minute we stepped into Bluebell we knew she was the one, and before long we had signed on the dotted line and arranged pick up within the next couple of weeks.

Of course – us being us, had planned a holiday for the day we were due to pick up Bluebell, we were heading to the North York Moors, so we ended up doing another Daisy type mad rush – leaving Marquis in Ipswich at 2pm, driving back to our house, loading everything then hitting the road OOOP NORTH!


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