May Half Term 2011- Dorset and Somerset- good ol’ Cider Country!

You may have noticed that we seem to have a tendency to travel “oop north” for our trips. I do take some blame myself on this- being a Northerner I have always been keen to show off our country to Keefy, who, being a “blooody saaaaaaatherner” has barely travelled north of Watford Gap.

Anyway, we did a trade off, he was keen to show me an area he knew well- Dorset. So off we went and I have to say I was rather looking forward to going to an area that us Northerners don’t venture to too often!

First stop was a site near Lulworth Cove. We stayed on a C&C Club site that night and spent about an hour and a half with a beer or 3, watching some guy in a caravan positioning his Sky dish. Seriously it was a right sight! He was moving it left a bit, right a bit, left a bit further, right a bit further. Then he got a chair out and a tripod. Blimey. The things some people will do for a tv signal. Aren’t we camping?!

I thought Lulworth Cove was amazing. It really is stunning! We did a lovely walk along the coast and back- it felt like we walked MILES! At the risk of sounding a bit “blonde”- it really is quite hilly down there- my legs were killing at the end of the walk! But the views more than made up for it, and we had an almost endless supply of sweeties, chocolates and pop to keep us going!

On our way through Dorset we saw the Cerne Giant in the hillside. If you don’t know what this is click below:

What a hoot! I couldn’t believe my innocent eyes!

We headed towards Bath and I had an amusing incident with the owner of a campsite we were staying on and my accent. I rang him to see if there was a bus to Bath from near the campsite, as Bath is officially a no go for motorhomes (the parking was a nightmare- height barrier city!!) so we intended to get a bus in. He had no idea what I was saying! “Is there a boooooooos that runs to bath” I asked him. “what?” he returned. I said it about five times, then Keith had to take over. Apparently what I should have said was “is there a baaas to barrrth”. Who knew.

Anyway, we had a great time in Bath. I managed to get Keith to let us go to the Roman Baths spa for an hour or so. Good work on my part- he usually hates these type of girly activities- and to spend £60+ for the experience, I just couldn’t see it happening. Anyway, turns out because the spa used water from the roman spring- it was a worthy experience for him in a historical sense, so we went and it was lush! That rooftop spa was amazing. Who says camping can’t be a bit glam!

We headed on towards Chedder Gorge, and gorge I did- on local cider. My goodness, we bought this plastic container full of scrumpy and I got absolutely SLOSHED!!!! We stayed on this amazing little campsite and the owner had a Harrier Jump Jet in his garage!!! Honestly, you just wouldn’t believe it! He let us go and look and have a little sit in it!! AMAZING! He apparently bought it on Ebay of all places. Like you do….

The views at Chedder Gorge were amazing. We were both totally bowled over by the whole experience, we walked right up to the top and just sat and watched the world go by. It’s a shame it’s such a tourist trap, but I suppose when you have views as super as that it will attract lots of people.

We headed home via Avebury, which was a lovely little place.

I really really enjoyed exploring this area which I hadn’t been to before (with the exception of Bath).

I learn’t lots:

1) that I am actually a lightweight when it comes to drinking Scrumpy jack,

2) I’m actually a bit scared of heights when I’m dangling off the edge of a rather old gorge..

3) People who live in Bath speak differently to us and I’m still not sure why!

4) The south coast is actually rather a nice place to go to…

Until next time…. Lydia x

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